Cattery Van De Dansen


We have No Kittens available.

Our kittens are all sold with pedigree, they are then inoculated twice, and chipt and several times ontwormd and raised in the home circle..

We are looking for our little ones happy families from where they can continue their whole life, if for one reason or another over time it wrong, we like on informed so that together we can find the best solution for a possible Rescue.

The kittens should only way at the age of 13 weeks, to this date we give the kittens absolutely not..!!

We reserve the right to any new owners where we do not have to feel good to refuse, even people who come to knock for a “bargain” to do, to the wrong address, we kindly ask them also to continue look for our kittens are for a fixed price!

Also we ask that the kitten is left outside is not a pray !

Our female’s get one’s in the year a litter,
so that Nikita,Celine,Shakira can best recover
the health of our animals come’s in the first place !

We are asking 100 euro deposit as the deposit is a guarantee for the buyer that the kitten is reserved and for me that people do not suddenly canceld.

A deposit is not returned..

Thank You For Visiting