Cattery Van De Dansen



Just an update before we close the year.

Celine and Nikita are covered by Nelson
if all goes well, we expect late February and early March
kittens these are the last litters of these ladies.

Of course we wish everyone a very good 2018, and the best wishes.



Today the website updated once again.
We have added the cat Zinzi and her pedigree.

Also new pictures of Nelson and the Lady’s added.
Also,Nikita and Celine are off the pill so this lady’s what Nelson concerns may be in heat ..
This will be the last litters of these two and then they enjoy their retirement.


Here an update again in the previous post
i had written that we went to a show.
Neslson has his first CACIB point and became BIV
Shakira got a U3 so all in all a nice day.
Also we have a account on facebook.

What concerns litters no news in this regard,
maybe in my next message there are more
information about this.


We wish all visitors a Happy New Year
and a lot of health.

Looking back to 2012 was a year of ups and downs
kittens were born and where we had to say goodbye to.

I hope that 2013 will be better with the litters.
This year we again show the cat’s the first show is on January 27 in Houten we going with Shakira and Nelson.

There are also Litters in the planning view Expected Litters
for more info about that.


On August 12 the kittens of CĂ©line and Nelson born
are all Black Golden Shaded.

There are no more kittens available from this litter.

12-07 -2016

On July 10 there are 4 kittens born from Nikita and Nelson
she where born with a caesarean.3 have passed away.

We are pleased that 1 kittens was a fighter
This is a Black Golden Shaded (Max) and he is a male.


Today we tested Nelson again for HCM
and he has been approved we are so happy with this result.


Thank You For Visiting